First thing, let me introduce myself.  My name is Michael (Mike) Ervin.  I was born and raised in Cleveland County, Shelby, N.C.  I was talking to a City of Shelby Parks and Recreation supervisor while visiting the Sunset Cemetery one day.  He told me about W. D. Floyd, who I found out transcribed most of the cemeteries in this area.  After talking to Bill (W. D.) and finding out just how long it had been since he had done most of the transcriptions in this area, I decided to update some of them.  I started off only doing the ones I had relatives buried in.  Later, I started doing some of the others.  Now my quest is to update all of the ones in Cleveland County.  There are a ton of web sites with Cleveland County transcriptions.  But none, and I mean NONE, are updated.  They consist of Bill’s old stuff from as far back as 1997.  Nothing at all is wrong with that except there have been a lot of deaths in all those years.  So here we go……..


Here’s the way I am doing this.  Basically not a lot has changed from the way Bill done his except I will be including a NAME INDEX that is sorted alphabetically for all the cemeteries.  The smaller cemeteries have the index below their name on each cemetery listing.  Sunset and Cleveland Memorial Park have theirs on the respective pages.


Along with the individual cemetery NAME INDEX, I have a CEMETERY INDEX on the listing page that has all the names for all the cemeteries.  I got this idea from Bill.


To get started, just click on the CEMETERY LISTING PAGE link below.


I am continually updating these pages with recent deaths, corrections or additions.  I will add the cemeteries as I get around to updating them.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.  Just be sure if you do email it’s not a gmail or hotmail account.  I have my email setup to where all of this goes straight to junk mail, where it is automatically deleted.  Sorry but I got tired of all the spam.


Note:  In all my listings, any names you see without a space between them means they are on the same marker or stone.


Another great resource is Find A Grave.  It is a great place to find info on this kind of stuff.  Here is my Find A Grave page.




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